Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Good Morning with Cultus Musica !

Good Morning with Cultus Musica ( Cultural Music ).

Featuring actress Sona Nair

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Song about Kathakali !

Actors are the  two legends of Kerala Cinema, Prem Nazeer and Sree Vidya.

Manipravala Thalakal Unarnoo
Manassil kamala dalangal vithirnoo
Kavya Kalayude kanakamgulikalil
Kathakali Mudrakal Vidarnoo !

Manipravala ......................

Verses equalling Ruby ( Mani )  and Coral ( Pravala )
And lotus blossomed in Mind !
From the great Art of Poetry
Rose the Mudras of the King of all Arts ( Kathakali )

Sharat kala megham Thirasselayayi
Sasiklaa Kali vilakkayee
Onnayi Varriyarum
Irayimman Thapiyum
Varna narayangal minukkee

The clouds of Sharath
Became curtain for the play
Moon became the Lamp
Both Variar and Thampi became one
Giving finishing touches to costumes !

Pampayum Periyarum
Bharata puzhayum
Aa padangal paadi
Chaitra marangal aadee !
Chendayil thengilayil
Elathalangil Syamantakangal kilingee

The rivers of Kerala
Bharata puzha, Pampa and Periyar
Sang those beautiful verses
And the trees of Chaitra danced !

Manipravala .....................

Damayantiyayi Droupadiyayi
Kairali Rathiyay Sathiyay
Rambhayay Radhayay
Raasa Natanam Aadi !

As Damayanti, Droupadi
And as Devayani
Magnificent Kerala rose
As Rathi, as Sathi
As Rambha and Radha
She danced the Blissful Dance !

Ratnakireedavumayi Thiranottam Nadathi
Rasa Chakravarthiyam Sringaram..

Manipravala .......................

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Song about the Cosmic Dance !

Have you heard about a Song regarding the Universal Dance? Did not Capra say " the Dancing Shiva is the Dancing Universe" ?

This is Musica Universalis or Music divine
Known as the Music of the Spheres !

Nrithyathi Nrithyathi Brahma padam
Nakshatra Nava graha Hamsa Padam

Ayiram Andakadahangal alayum
Ananthamam Ksheera pathathil
Shabdamay Roopamay Jeevanu Vidaran
Sahasradalangalay mizhi thurakkan
Vishva Shilpayude pichala chendayil
Vilanjoo pandee thalam
Thalam, ithu Adi Thalam
Dwani prathi dwanikal than pranava thalam

Nrithyathi Nrithyathi Brahma padam
Nakshatra Nava graha Hamsa Padam

In the infinite Milky Way
Containing thousands of stars
Manifesting eternally
As Sound, as Form
To blossom as the thousand petalled Lotus
The Music of the Spheres is on !

This is the Comic Dance
The dance of subatomic Matter !
Wherein the Lord Dances
His Dance of Eternity !

Veena venu Mridanga Ninandam
Viharathi Vidyadhara Geetham
Sarpaphana thirumudilkettu ulayum
Yaksha Kinnara Natana melam
Ashtadikpalakar kottum thudiyude
Shristi Sthiti laya Thalam
Thalam Adi Thalam
Ithu Dhana dhanya prapancthin bhramana Talam

Full of divine melodies
It is Educational Music !
Pervading everywhere
Hence called Eternal Music, Sanatan Sangeeth !

This is the Adi Thala
The Srishti Sththi Laya Thala
The Thala of the Universe !
The Thala of orbital revolutions
The great Pranava
Pervading the Cosmos !
This is the Thala of Creation
Of Preservation and Destruction
In the drum of the Great Architect !
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Confluence of Poetry, Band and Dance is Sangeetha !

Sangeetha is defined as a confluence of Poetry, band and Dance, Geetham Vadyam Thadha Nrittam trayam Sangeetham uchyathe.
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

O Destroyer of Poverty !

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glory to Thee, O Lord Sun !

Thou art extolled by all, Thou who sustaineth the worlds !

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Have mercy on me, O Lord Saturn !

Pls dont torment me , O Lord Saturn, have mercy on me !
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