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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Creation, Preservation, Destruction & Time is She

Sacred Music takes us to a divine realm. The Sanskrit verses stimluates Dance and the dancer dances according to the tune. Bharata Muni, the father of Indian classical dance, initiated this Art in his Natya Sastra. Geetham Vadyam tadha Nritham thrayam sangeetham uchyate - Music becomes complete when dance is added along to Song and lyrics !

Sacred Music rouses the Kundalini thereby making us more spiritual and taking us to a heavenly realm. Music knows no language and even those who cannot understand the meaning of the words employed appreciate it !

It is the Divine Conscious Force, who is infinite in her powers and personalities, which manifests as the triune Deity.

O Noble One,
Who Sports in the garden of the Upanishads,
The essence of the States Four
Dreaming, dreamless sleep, waking & Transcendence !
Who exists within and without
As Wisdom Personified ( Saraswathi )
As Wealth Glorious ( Lakshmi )
As Valour Personified ( Durga )
As Time Personified ( Kali )
Salutations to Thee !

O thou imparter of Bliss
O Lover of all the worlds,
O Lover of all righteousness
O True Virgin
O Destroyer of Evil
O Annihilator of all elements negative
O Inculcator of Fear
O Universal Creatrix !
To Thee, I bow !

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