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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The secret of the Ninefold Deity !

The Ninefold Deity is the Mother Divine in her nine aspects.

She is the Sacred Feminine of Gnosticism, the Maya of Vedanta, the Prakriti of Sankhya and the Shakti of Tantra. She is the beginingless Ignorance or Nescience ( Avidya ), which binds man to the sublunar world. She is the manifest power of the Unmanifest !

The power of the Unmanifest Lord
Triune, Tri-featured and Eternal
The generatrix of the Universe is She
Universal Mind, which sprung from the Lord !

Avyaktha namnee paramesha shakti
Anadya Vidya trigunatmika para
Kayanumeya Sudhiyaiva Maya
Yada jagat sarvamidham prasooyathe

This Nava Durga Mantra protects the seeker, whether he be amidst enemies or in the battlefield, or enveloped by worries and difficulties. He who takes refuge in the Mother Divine will be protected by the Creatrix of the Universe.

Agnina dahya manasthu sathru madhye gatho rane
Vishame Durgameschaiva bhayartha saranam gatha

She is begininngless, because of her structural inherence in the phenomenal worlds. All the universes and multiverses are in transitional flux, in exact antithesis to the Immutability of the Divine !

She is worth worshipping, as She can destroy all the triune afflictions - physical, mental and emotional suffering, the thapa trayas.

We shalt exalt thee with devotion
O Destroyer of suffering triune
Physical, mental, emotional
Give us health physical
Give us Victory
Give us fame immortal
And destroy our enemies !

Sthuvath bhyo bhakthi poorvam thvam
Chandike Vyadhi Nasini
Roopam Dehi Jayam Dehi
Yaso Dehi Dwisho Jahee


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