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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thy Faces Four are the Fourfold Veds !

We have said that Sacred Music can rouse the Kundalini, the latent Serpentine power in mortals. Verses in Sanskrit are slokas and the dancer dances along to these verses completing the three processes of Music, Song, Lyrics and Dance.

This SM defines the Lord of all that is, the Cosmic Person, the Great Dancer, whose dance is the Universe. " The dancing Shiva is the dancing Universe " said Fritjof Capra in The Tao of Physics !

"The Cosmic dance is the dance of sub atomic matter " said Capra. The ancient symbolised the expanding and contracting Universe as the Dance of the Cosmic Dancer, Lord Shiva !

O He who wears the Crescent
Whose eyes triune are the threefold Time
Past, present and Future
Thy Faces Four are the Fourfold Veds
Thou art the Lord of Yoga,
Beloved to all Yogins !
Great is Thy Grace
Which conferrs all
Self Actualisation, wealth,
Prosperity, Wisdom,
Children, comforts all
We need nothing from Thee
We need only Thee !

The Five Great Elements are Thy Fivefold Mark
The Seasons Six are Thy symbols
Nature Primal which is Parvathi
Stood close to Thee at Creation !
Thou, the Pure Existent, the Absolute Self !
The Serpent Thou adorneth
Is the mighty Kundalini
O Lord of Great Yoga
Obeisances to Thee !

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