Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sacred Music prescribed for the Non Dual Experience !


Advaitha Siddhiki Amaratna Labdiki Ganame Sopanamu

thus runs the famous song " Omkara Nadanu".

All Music is Samaveda and Sacred Music has been prescribed for gaining Self Actualisation and the Non Dual Experience.

What is the Non Dual Experience ?

Experience of the One. When One sees Many, that is the finite. When One sees only the One, hears only the One and feels only the One, that is Infinity & that is the experience of the Non Dual !

Sacred Music can rouse the Kundaline, the coiled Serpentine Energy. That is why all Spiritual Masters advocate Sacred Music ( Bhajans ) in the Indian tradition !

The New Physics validates Old Physics

The String Theory of New ( Quantum ) Physics states that beneath the sub atomic level, we have quarks and then String as the substratum !

That is why Old Physics ( Philosophy ) has been saying all these years. That the basis of the Universe is Sound !

Thou art of the nature of Sound

The substratum of the Universe

The Base of the threefold Veds

Thou tri named tri featured and eternal

The conferror of Eternal Bliss

All is known only to Thee !
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