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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sri Yantra, a great Sacred Geometry Symbol !

Wisdom is the additional quality of Man, which distinguishes him from the animals.

Ahara Nidra Bhaya Maidhunas cha
Samanyamethat Pasubhir naranam
Jnanam Naranam Adhiko Vishesho
Jnanena Heena Pashubhi Samana

Food, sleep. fear and copulation
Are common for both animals and men
It is Wisdom, an additional quality
Which distinguishes man from the quadruped !

The universe is a dream in the Cosmic Mind. It is the Universal Mind who is the creatrix and She sports as the Universe !

Karthum Devi Jagat Vilasa Vidhina
Srishtena the Mayaya
Sarvananda mayena madhya vilasa
Chree Binduna lankritham
Sree math sad guru poojya pada karuna
Samvedya Thathvatmakam
Sree Chakram Saranam Vrijami Sathatham
Sarveshta Siddhi Pradam

For the sake of Cosmic Play
She created the Universe
She is the Cosmic Illusion
Which tantalises all !
The Sacred Feminine is She
With triangles five downwards
The Sacred Masculine has
Triangles four facing upwards
With bliss ineffable
She sports with her invisible Lord
Who abides as the Central Dot
In the mighty Sri Yantra !
By the Grace of Master Divine
The Great Verity is known
In Thy sacred symbol Sri Yantra
I take refuge, O Mighty Mother !

The essence of all sciences
Is Thyself, O Mighty One !
All women Thy manifestations
O Mother Blissful
Which poet can describe Thee !

In the house of the righteous
Thou abidest as Prosperity
In the house of the sinful
Thou abidest as mental tension !
As Intelligence in the Seers
As Concentration in the good
As Shame in the aristocratic
Protect this Universe, O Mighty One !

Thy Grace conferreth Wealth
With all its paraphernalia !
Royalty is also conferred by Thee
How glorious is Thy Grace !

It is also Thy Grace that conferreth
Wisdom Supreme & Self Actualisation
Thou makest the aspirant do
Righteous deeds; thereby taking
Him to heavenly realms !

Thy Grace bestoweth both
Worldly and divine wealth
Thy Grace is difficult to attain
But blessed is Thy Grace !

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