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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Make spiritual debit zero !

We have a Cosmic Ledger and we have spiritual Credit & Debit. In order to get Enlightenment, we have to make our spiritual debit Zero.

This is the doctrine of the Karma, Learn !

Only when the dross of sin is quit

Only when Life dies like a white flame spent

Death dies along with it ! ( The Light of Asia )

So if we want to achieve Self Actualisation, we have to make our debit zero !

In Bridal Mysticism, our destruction of debit will be come by His Grace. The events that happen to the devotee will be to purge sins. It is said that He sits on the Consciousness of the devotee, destroying his sins and ready to confer Enlightenment !

Thalsol pannam vikarama akhila vidanu
Sevya chith sthithathvam

Thvan me papartha thapan pavanupurapathe
rundhi, bhakthim praneeya

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