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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Man is now in his lower nature !

In the Superior Design, which Man in his present stage of evolution cannot understand, all that exists are instruments of the Greater Life.

In the fierce conflict between good and evil, the final victory will be the Good's. The Good and the Law will always overcome the negative forces, the fleeing and illusory shadow of the Great Life !

To overcome Man's negative aspect, the Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed. Of the Four Paths, the noblest and blest is Union via Love. Love is sufficient unto Love. Love is Love's reward.

May Universal Love triumph on earth !

Though I subterranean powers approve
Yet help in this case is needed from above !

We need the Grace of Creative Intelligence, She who is asleep in us all as the Kundalini. Let Her as the Kundalini awaken in us and may we experience Enlightenment !

May She who is the Creatrix
Of all the relative states triune
And who is the Sole Existence
As Transcendence sublime
Who is the Power of the Lord
Who sustains the Universe
Who is all in all, who is all
May She grace us all !

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