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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sacred Music shows the Way !

Two superb songs I found fascinating in my childhood. I got them now from Chimata Music


Akhilandeswari extolls the Mother Divine in Her Four Aspects. As Valour, She is Parvathi and the verse begins as " Akhilandeswari Chamundeswari " As Wisdom, She is Saraswathi and the verse begins as "Indu Vadane Kunda Radane". As Wealth, She is Lakshmi and the verse begins as " Sree Hari Pranayamburasi". As Kali, She is Time Personified and the verse begins as "Simhasana Sthayine"


Sacred Music knoweth no language and once people know about the aim of it , viz - activating the Kundalini for spiritual Ascension - many will turn to Sacred Music !

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