Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Fivefold Verse about The Divine Player


This is Lalitha Pancha Ratna Stotram, a hymn in praise of the Mother Divine, the Becoming of Philosophy, the Maya of Vedanta , Prakriti of Sankhya & the Sacred Feminine of Gnosticism.

Lalita means She who plays. The whole Universe is Her play and display and She is the Creatrix, Mediatrix and Executrix !

This Fivefold Verse was composed by Sankara

Pratha Smarami Lalitha Vadanaravindam,
Bimbadaram Pradhula Maukthika Shobhi Nasam,
Aakarna Deerga Nayanam Mani Kundaladyam,
Mandasmitham Mruga Madojjwala Phala Desam.

She who plays is Lalitha called
And I meditate on Her always
She has lips of reddish hue
Her nose resembles pearls
Long eyes extending to ears
Gems priceless adorn Her ears
With a shining forehead glorious
And who sports a sober smile

Prathar Bhajami Lalitha Bhuja Kalpa Vallim,
Rathnanguleeya Lasathanguli Pallavadyam,
Manikhya Hema Valayangadha Shobha Maanam,
Pundreshu Chapa Kusumeshu Sruneen Dadhanam.

This Cosmic Beauty I salute
She wears gem studded rings
Golden bangles adorn Her hand
She holds a bow of flowers
In Her hand she hold the goad.

Prathar namami lalitha charanaravindam,
Bhakteshta Dana Niratham Bhava Sindhu Potham,
Padmasanadhi Sura Nayaka Poojaneeyam,
Padmangusa Dwaja Sudarsana Lanchanadyam.

This Cosmic Lady I worship
Her celestial Lotus Feet !
Blessed are Her devotees
Her Grace is like a boat
Which crosses a malefic river !
Celestials adore Her
In the Lotus posture She sits
And holds the lotus, goad, flag and wheel.

Pratha Sthuthave Parasivaam Lalithaam Bhavaneem,
Trayyanha Vedhya Vibhavam Karunanan Vadhyam,
Viswasya Srushti Vilaya Sthithi Hethu Bhootham,
Visweswareem Nigama Vang Mana Sathi Dhooram.

To This Cosmic Damsel I pray
The Power behind the throne of the Lord
Slayer of arrogance, being Power Divine
Known only to Upanishads holy !
Mercy and Compassion are Her attributes
She is the creatrix, preservatrix and annihilatrix
Beyond mind and words, She is Transcendence !

Prathar vadami lalithe thava punya nama,
Kameswarethi, Kamalethi Maheswareethi,
Sri Shambhaveethi Jagatham Janani Parethi,
Vag Deva Thethi Vachasa Tripureswareethi.

This Cosmic Beauty's Holy name I chant
Thy Name Divine, holiest of holies
As the Goddess of Love and Passion,
As the Goddess seated on a Lotus
As the Beloved consort of the Lord
As the Mother of the Universe
As the Deity of Language and Words
And as the Ruler of states triune !

Ya Shloka Panchakam Idham, Lalithambikaya,
Soubhagyuam, Sulalitham Patathi Prabhathe,
Thasmai Dadathi Lalitha Jadithi Prasanna,
Vidhyaam Sriyam Vimala Soukha Manantha Keerthim.

He who reads this Fivefold Verse
At dawn, extolling the Cosmic Mother
Will get fortune, wealth, health, wisdom
And fame everlasting by Her Grace !

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